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Someday I Will
A poem by Haruka Shinigami

Someday I will,
Destroy those I hate,
Protect those I care about,
Make sure the world,
Falls apart,
For all the wrongdoing,
That has happened,
It is said that something good,
Also comes along,
But lately it seems,
More like hate is ruling,
The world we call home,
And someday I will,
Make sure,
That good once again rules,
And that no one dares to kill,
I’ve vowed to tear this world apart,
And now I promise,
To take care of things,
And make them right,
For no one else wants to help,
No one else wants to fight,
For what is good,
And what is right,
I hate those who just destroy,
Never give to what they should,
Never help those in need,
Never stop to look at what,
Is right in front of them,
They ignore,
And pretend to not see,
The destruction around them,
And they hate,
And I wish that I,
Could just change,
The way they think,
For just one day,
Or just a minute at the least,
For if they could see,
Through someone else’s eyes,
Even just for a second,
They might notice,
Exactly how bad this world has become,
They might notice,
That everything has fallen apart,
Crumbled to the ground,
That everything is bad,
Our lives ruled by corruption,
That everything is not as it seems,
Lies told as the truth,
I hate that everyone,
Ignores the pleas for help,
Screams for mercy,
People run in fear,
Past them,
And they don’t care,
For they don’t see,
The fearful ghosts,
Who try their best to be noticed,
But they run,
I hate that one of those,
Ghosts seems to be me,
For no one seems to notice me,
No matter how hard I scream,
How loud I shout,
How fast I run,
No matter what,
I’m invisible to them,
And here I am,
Going to change the world,
Yet no one knows I exist.
Another poem about how terrible the world is. This one is mainly about feeling invisible to the people around you. And everyone is evil.
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November 21, 2008
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