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Togepi by xxemoperson13xx Togepi :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0 insert title here by xxemoperson13xx insert title here :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0
Someday I Will....
Someday I Will
A poem by Haruka Shinigami
Someday I will,
Destroy those I hate,
Protect those I care about,
Make sure the world,
Falls apart,
For all the wrongdoing,
That has happened,
It is said that something good,
Also comes along,
But lately it seems,
More like hate is ruling,
The world we call home,
And someday I will,
Make sure,
That good once again rules,
And that no one dares to kill,
I’ve vowed to tear this world apart,
And now I promise,
To take care of things,
And make them right,
For no one else wants to help,
No one else wants to fight,
For what is good,
And what is right,
I hate those who just destroy,
Never give to what they should,
Never help those in need,
Never stop to look at what,
Is right in front of them,
They ignore,
And pretend to not see,
The destruction around them,
And they hate,
And I wish that I,
Could just change,
The way they think,
For just one day,
Or just a minute at the least,
For if they could see,
Through someone else’s eyes,
:iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 0
I'll Tear This World Apart...
I'll Tear This World Apart
A poem by Haruka Shinigami
I'm going to tear this world apart,
Destroy it as it is,
For no one cares,
If I died tonight,
But would they care,
If I killed them in the night,
I'm going to tear this world apart,
For they are already destroying it themselves,
Does anyone notice the damage they are doing,
Must I shout,
To make anyone realize,
I exist to save,
What they, and I,
Hold precious,
And care about,
Must I show them what they've done,
For them to see,
All the pain they've caused,
Or will they realize it themselves,
Must I tell them of all the hurt,
That they have caused,
Would they notice if they're world changed,
In a day,
A month,
A year,
Or even in a single minute,
Or would they turn a blind eye,
To the destruction,
The pain,
The death,
And everything else that comes,
From the things they have chosen to do,
Is it possible for a person to change,
Or must the world change,
For that person to seem different,
Would anyone care if another species died,
Or an
:iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 4
OMFG STUPIDITY ON HALLOWEEN by xxemoperson13xx OMFG STUPIDITY ON HALLOWEEN :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 3
o the good old hw
no one likes it
no one hates it
we all just do it
cuz the teachers say we must
and if we don't, we wont pass
if only, if only
the teachers could understand
that we teenagers have a life
:iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0
Yuichiro the Emo Chibi by xxemoperson13xx Yuichiro the Emo Chibi :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 0 Otani the Emo Chibi by xxemoperson13xx Otani the Emo Chibi :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0
I Thought I was Alone
I Thought I was Alone
A poem by Haruka Shinigami
I thought I was alone,
There was no one there to help me,
Then you came around,
You helped me find my way out of the dark,
I finally saw the light of the living,
I enjoyed its pulsating warmth,
I loved being with you,
Then you disappeared without a trace,
You were my friend,
You were my everything,
I’m stuck here wondering why,
You left me when I needed you most,
I’m starting to wander aimless,
Then again I might have a reason,
It was to find you,
But its beginning to seem like you died,
I’m suddenly all alone again,
In the world of light this time,
While your beginning to slip away,
To the world of endless darkness and despair below,
I tried endlessly to pull you back,
To raise you to the surface,
I would have succeeded,
But you stole my strength and soul when you left,
I’m staring at my reflecting,
Glistening on the water,
I see you beneath,
Dead because the water has stolen your breath,
You’re floating there,
:iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 1
Nani the Clueless Kitty by xxemoperson13xx Nani the Clueless Kitty :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 0 Mao the Meow Kitty by xxemoperson13xx Mao the Meow Kitty :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0 Sketch the Mushroom by xxemoperson13xx Sketch the Mushroom :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0 Chalky the Mushroom by xxemoperson13xx Chalky the Mushroom :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 2 1 Sparky the Electric Kitty by xxemoperson13xx Sparky the Electric Kitty :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 1 Aoi the Emo Chibi by xxemoperson13xx Aoi the Emo Chibi :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 0 0 Chibi Hanabusa by xxemoperson13xx Chibi Hanabusa :iconxxemoperson13xx:xxemoperson13xx 1 0


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Haruka Shinigami
United States
Current Residence: home
Favourite genre of music: emo
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Personal Quote: Don't worry to much about life, no one gets out alive anyways.
  • Listening to: Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is for Lovers
  • Reading: Halo: Ghost of Onyx
  • Watching: the shadows on the walls...
  • Playing: rockband
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: blood
if you want to read more about my shitty life then go to


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gothic bride/dead bride
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